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Prague has many popular Segway tour guides with variety of Segways (and hoverboards) that are available to rent for tourists. Segways are convenient in traffic on the cobblestone streets of Prague's city center (however you can rent them and they're lots of fun, but usually are used only in the parks). Beware: there is new legislation and heavy debate regarding segways and electric motorbikes in the city center.


Prague On Segway

Tynska 13/11, 110 00 Prague, Czech Republic
Phone: +420 477 477 637

Discover Prague on a Segway with a personal (and local) guide. This is the #1 segway tours in Prague on TripAdvisor. And rightly so. More than 1000 people rated it 5 stars. That many people just can’t be wrong.


Segway Experience Prague

Mostecká 53/4, 110 00 Prague-Malá Strana, Czech Republic
Phone: +420 731 238 264

Throw the sightseeing hunt behind and let’s have fun with us! The Prague Parks Segway Tour provides you with the most unique and fun way imaginable to discover Prague. As your segway glides silently down the streets of Prague, your tour will point out hidden jewels of Prague , best local entertainment hangouts and some of the most beautiful scenery Prague has to offer.

You have never seen so much in only 3 hours! The Grand City Tour gives you an unique opportunity to see all important sights of the historical center on electrical scooter and feel the atmosphere of this beautiful city. This tour is a combination of classic sightseeing with most exciting viewpoints Prague has to offer.

Prague has always been a magnet for scouts seeking movie locations. The unmatched beauty of Prague combined with its riches of instantly recognizable structures has attracted filmmakers from all around the world. Watch actual movie clips on DVD portable screen as you pass locations made famous by classical and contemporary movies. Guests will be given a unique perspective on Prague´s history simply by following its cinema past. Your enthusiastic and interactive SEGWAY guide will provide you with "behind-the-scenes" information and trivia about Prague and your favorite films.


Prague Segway Tours

Maltézské nám. 479/7, 118 00 Prague1-Malá Strana, Czech Republic
Phone: +420 724 280 838

Group Tours - last minutes

Join other riders and book your spot in our popular group tours - starting times and routes shown here. Free drink and English speaking guide included.

Private Tours

Just you and your friends. You pick the time and route. We provide a private guide and a free drink.


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