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  Rollerblades in Prague  

Rollerblades, skates, segways, hoverboards, skateboards, and bicycles are rather useless in traffic on the cobblestone streets of Prague1 city center (however you can rent them and they're lots of fun, but usually are used only in the parks).


Prague has many skateboard parks, rollerblading & bicycle paths!

Apart from countless things to do in Prague, there are many sports centers for sporting enthusiasts. Rollerblading can be practiced in parks, open centers, off roads and skate parks. This popular recreational sport is practiced in many centers and parks. The experienced and professional skaters have their own special lanes while newbies have the asphalt lane which is specially designed for less experienced skaters.

  • Zlute Lazne is a beautiful green area with wonderful areas for cycling, relaxation and inline skating. Sports enthusiasts find many energy shops along the way as they choose their favorite sport and take advantage of the beautiful scenery. Inline skates can also be rented here.
  • Ladronka is a beautiful asphalt path made especially for inline skaters; Ladronka is excellent for inline skating at times when the children aren’t practicing there. It has many shops and restaurants alongside the path.
  • Strahov Stadium is a huge parking area that is free for all inline skaters. Skaters who need to practice all day can make use of this wonderful area.
  • Letna Park and the parks around the street of Letna are the closest inline skating parks to the city center. The conditions there are not ideal for the skaters, but anyone who needs to practice closer to home can come here.



Prague 6 – Břevnov

Currently one of the most popular venues for in-line skating, with many bike lanes, walkways and rest points. Here you will find the longest lit in-line track in Prague (4.2 km), made up of two linked loops, the first of which is near the transmitter tower at Strahov and the second, longer one, at the Vypich junction. The asphalt surface is of very high quality and there is virtually no incline. You can rent skates in the local shop. Pay attention to the speed limits.


Žluté Lázně

Podolské nábřeží 3, Praha 4 - Podolí, 140 00

Žluté lázně offers outdoor chess, beach-volleyball courts, soccer tennis court, lazy tennis, pétanque boulodromes, giant playgrounds with pools, foosball & ping-pong tables, paddleboats, paddleboards, longboards, a wakeboard lift, a pirate ship, and much more.

The Yellow Spa is the area and swimming pool in Prague-Podolí on the right bank of the Vltava River. The Yellow Baths were based on a former docking station and anchorage of rafts on June 16, 1910 as a river spa with a capacity of 9,000 visitors. In 1949 the neighboring Blue Baths, which were originally for the richer visitors, were merged with them. The name of both was derived from the characteristic of the fence. The biggest flowering of the baths was recorded in the 30s and 60s of the 20th century, in 1955 the Vltava water cooled the Slapská dam, then the complex started to deteriorate and was devastated by floods in 2002.

In 2005 the spa was renovated and modernized. The spa is located in the southern part of the Podolí cadastral area, at the place of the Dvorce settlement, at Podolské nábřeží 1184/3. A tram stop with Dvorce stops nearby. The connection to the opposite bank is provided by a ferry that was heading directly to the Yellow Baths in 2008-2010. During the 20th century there was also a railway station Žluté lázně (on the former railway line Podolí-Braník) for a short time.


The Great Strahov Stadium

Petřín hill accessed by Petřín funicular

The Great Strahov Stadium (Czech: Velký strahovský stadion) is a stadium in the Strahov district of Prague, Czech Republic. When it was an active sports venue, it had a capacity of around 220,000 spectators, making it the largest stadium and the 4th largest sports venue ever built. The stadium is sited on Petřín hill overlooking the old city. It can be accessed by taking the Petřín funicular up the hill through the gardens.

It was built for displays of synchronized gymnastics on a massive scale, with a field 3x as long as and 3x times as wide as a standard football field. The original stadium dates from the First Republic between the World Wars and served as a venue for popular Sokol displays of massive synchronized gymnastics. The Sokol displays were renamed Spartakiáda during the communist era, referring to the power and strength of the slave uprising led by Spartacus. Motor racing also took place in the stadium in the mid-1960s.

A few days after the end of World War II (a few months after the end of hostilities in Europe), two units of the United States Army played a friendly match of American football. On September 28, 1945, a crowd of 40,000 watched soldier-athletes of the 94th Infantry Division defeat a team from the XXII Corps, by a score of 6-0.

Today, it is no longer in use for competitive sports events; it is now a training center for Sparta Prague, and is used to host epic rock concerts: The Rolling Stones (1990 & 1995), Guns N' Roses (1992), Bon Jovi (1993), Aerosmith (1994), Pink Floyd (1994 official attendance 110,000 +10,000 people snuck in), U2 (1997), AC/DC with Rammstein (2001), and Ozzfest (2002).


Inline Aerobics

In-line aerobic is exercising to slower, “funky” music, in which you’ll get to flex your knees and bend your whole body, and all this, of course, on in-line skates. The lessons are aimed at those who’ve never stood on skates. The group also provides a broad range of courses on in-line skating.


In-line Rollerblade Rental shops

Inline Special Letná

Kamenická 19, Prague 7 – Holešovice

Hoi sport

Modřanská 120, Prague 4 – Braník

Koloniál Ovenec

V Podhoří, Prague 7 – Troja

Půjčovna 22

Na Výšinách 22, Prague 7 – Bubeneč

Ski Surf Sport

V Tůních 11, Prague 2 – Nové Město

Mystic Skatepark Stvanice
Hostivar Skatepark
Vysocany Skatepark
Skatepark Strasnice


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