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  Novy Smichov in Andel, Prague  
Novy Smichov Andel, Prague
Novy Smichov - Golden Angel Mall in Prague

Nový Smíchov is a shopping mall located west of the center of Prague in the Czech Republic. It opened in 2001. The mall has a retail area of 60,000 square meters (650,000 sq ft). It is one of the biggest shopping centers in the Czech Republic.

The center was developed by French firm Delcis, in an area previously described as "bleak and unpromising." It opened in 2001, becoming the largest such building in central Europe. It was soon given recognition in The Construction Journal's first annual property awards. In 2006 there was a fire in the mall, specifically in the Vodafone store. Nový Smíchov underwent some redevelopment in 2011, with features such as relaxation zones being added.

Nový Smíchov opened with main tenants including Carrefour's flagship store. However Carrefour ceased operations in Prague in 2006 and the hypermarket was taken over by Tesco. Other tenants, spanning the three floors of the center, include a multiplex cinema, currently branded as Cinema City. In addition to the big name tenants, the center also features smaller, niche shops. There is a food court with restaurants offering various types of cuisine, with segregated seating.

Nový Smíchov has hosted numerous events including music performances, fashion shows and rock climbing. Additionally the center hosted an exhibition of monochrome photographs by František Dostál in 2008.

Nový Smíchov houses parking for 2,000 vehicles. The building is located close to the northern exit of the Anděl metro station on Prague Metro's Line B. The mall is also served by the tram stop Anděl for overground public transport.


Golden Angel

The Golden Angel (Czech: Zlatý Anděl) is an administrative complex situated in Prague. The designer was French architect Jean Nouvel. The structure is located in the immediate vicinity of The Angel Crossroad (Křižovatka Anděl) which was named after The Golden Angel's Pharmacy (Lékárna U Zlatého Anděla). The pharmacy as well as its symbol - gilded statue of an angel - was demolished in 1980 to make a room for new subway station.

Nouvel started The Golden Angel project in 1994. The construction was launched 5 years later and the complex was completed in November 2000. The exclusive investor of the building is the ING Real Estate company.

The Golden Angel is curve-shaped and edges are rounded. Technology of the layered facade allows to vary the building appearance during the daytime. Glassed facades bear passages from the writings of notable authors who had been creating in Prague: Jiří Orten, Konstantin Biebl, Franz Kafka, Guillaume Apollinaire, Rainer Maria Rilke and Gustav Meyrink.

Picture of an Angel-protector, inspired by a Wim Wenders' film Wings of Desire, looks down upon the golden Angel crossroads, floating among clouds.

A unique technology has been developed for portraying clouds and the Angel. Graphics are printed on an advert foil and cut into millimeter-sized dots, which are stuck onto the facade in a density of 80,000/m2. Number of dots on the complex is reaching 150 million; the printing and cutting process ran uninterrupted for over 7 months.


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