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“Prague is the most beautiful city in the world. Prague's architecture, food, beer, and women are amazing! ... so amazing that I married a woman from Prague, and moved here.”
~ Brett from Minnesota, USA

“My Praguers understand me,” ~ Mozart

"Prague never lets you go… this dear little mother has sharp claws"
~ Franz Kafka

"Prague most resembles Rome… The aristocratic beauty of the women of Prague, the way they walk and the way they are attired, so graceful and elegant, reminded me of Dante’s Paradise"
~ August Rodin

"This movie could have been shot in only three cities, Vienna, Budapest or Prague because only these three cities have the 18th century architecture. Prague was ideal, Prague was absolutely ideal because thanks to communist inefficiency the 18th century was untouched"
~ Milos Forman from the Making of Amadeus (2002)

"I was in Vienna in August 1968 for a meeting of the International Federation of Multiple Sclerosis Societies, of which I was co-founder, and we wanted a 20th country to join. They asked for a volunteer to go to Prague to get Czechoslovakia to do it, and my hand always goes up first."
~ Shirley Temple


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