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  Nusle Bridge, Prague2, Czech Republic  
Nusle Bridge in Prague
Nusle Bridge in Prague

Nusle Bridge (Czech: Nuselský most) is a prestressed concrete viaduct in Prague, passing over the district of Nusle in Prague 2 and Prague 4. It spans the Nusle Valley and connects the Pankrác district and south-eastern parts of the city, as well as the D1 motorway with the central part of the city. Below the six-lane highway on the surface, the section of Prague Metro Line C between I.P. Pavlova and Vyšehrad stations runs inside the bridge. Construction began in 1967, and it opened on February 22, 1973.

The bridge is crucial to Prague's transportation network, since almost all north-south traffic flows across its span. The bridge also has a darker side, garnering the nickname "Suicide bridge" due to the number of suicides and attempted suicides since its completion. To prevent further suicides, the city erected tall chain link fence railings along the sidewalks in 1997. In 2007, the fencing was topped off with a 3-foot-wide strip (0.91 m) of polished metal to make it impossible to climb.


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