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Letná Park (in Czech Letenské Sady) is a large park on Letná hill, built on a plateau above steep embankments along the Vltava River in Prague, Czech Republic. Letná's elevation and location afford commanding views of the Prague Old Town (Staré Město).

In 1955, a large monument to Joseph Stalin was erected at the edge of Letná Park. This statue was destroyed in 1962 and the Prague Metronome now occupies the site.

During the Velvet Revolution, a plain next to the Letná Park (Letenská pláň) was the site of some important demonstrations against the Communist government. On the 25th and 26 if November 1989 approximately 750,000 people protested in here. These protests were followed by a general nationwide strike on 27 November 1989.

Pop Superstar Michael Jackson kicked off his HIStory World Tour at the park on September 7, 1996, approximately 127,000 people attended the concert.

  • Hanavský Pavilion is a cast-iron structure built in 1891 in Neo-Baroque style for the Jubilee World Fair (General Land Centennial Exhibition). Coordinates: 50°05′37.45″N 14°24′45.12″E
  • The oldest functioning carousel in Europe is located in the Letná Park. The carousel was constructed in 1892 and was originally located in another part of town. It was moved to the park in 1894. Coordinates: 50°05′47.75″N 14°25′30.00″E
  • A large marble pedestal with Metronome which used to be the base of a large statue of Stalin, and is still referred to as Stalin's Monument. Coordinates: 50°05′41.38″N 14°24′57.97″E
  • The northern part of the park is delimited by Sparta's stadium and Molochov's functionalist facade.


Letná Hill

Letná is a hill overlooking Prague historic center and Vltava River just besides Prague Castle. It neighbours Stromovka, the largest park in Prague. The hill belongs to Holešovice and Bubeneč quarters of Prague 7.

The main part of Letná is Letná Plain (Letenská pláň), a large empty plain and Letná Park (Letenské sady) popular for summer strolls and informal sports (inline skating and jogging being the most popular here). The football stadium of AC Sparta Prague, Generali Arena, is also located here.


Prague Stalin Monument Gates
Demolished Stalin Statue


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