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Welcome to Prague
Lesser Quarter Prague


When You Visit Prague:

Places to Go in Prague:

  1. Prague Castle
  2. Vysehrad Castle
  3. Charles Bridge
  4. Astronomical Clock
  5. Old Town Square
  6. New Town Square
  7. Lesser Town Square
  8. Vineyards
  9. National Art Gallery
  10. 10 Museums
  11. Historical Churches
  12. Baby Jesus of Prague
  13. Lover's Tower
  14. John Lennon Wall
  15. Dancing House
  16. Prague Zoo
  17. Vltava River Islands
  18. Longest Metro Escalators
  19. Palladium (200 Shops)
  20. Angel Mall
  21. Quadrio
  22. Templar Restaurant

Things to do in Prague:


Prague Districts:

District #s P1-22:

Prague Landmarks:

Prague Town Squares:

Czech Republic:




Food & Pivo



This website lists all the top tourist attractions, castles, palaces, museums, churches, shopping malls, parks, galleries, theaters, music venues, restaurants, and pubs in Prague. Click the "Beer" button for a list of all the best Czech beers and pubs where they are on tap; most pubs also have delicious food like Budweiser Goulash.

Astronomical ClockI am an American man living in Prague! I married a Czech woman we have lived in Prague1 & Prague7 for about 2 years. In the first year I learned to read the most important Czech words for food and beer, and a few simple greetings. I have also learned about many of their local customs, and have visited most of the big attractions in Prague including the opera, town squares, many museums, churches, restaurants, and pubs.

It took me a while to get used to the public transportation, local standards, and foreign conversions like money, temperature, and other measurements. The metro is easy - but tram routes and especially buses can be complicated, and quite overcrowded.

I can still work for American clients, communicating over the phone with Skype and eMail, and my clients pay me with PayPal. I have clients all over the world and USA including Minnesota, New York, California, Florida, Myrtle Beach, Texas, and Seattle. I am also teaching English grammar, vocabulary, and conversation to Czechs for professional use in their businesses.

Czech RepublicI am currently working by Prague Castle in Lesser Town, Prague 1, Czech Republic (which is usually 7 hours ahead of Central Standard time). For a year we were living on Wencelaus Square by the old horse market in New Town, Prague1. Now we are living by Letna Park in Prague7, with a view overlooking the city of Prague and Prague Castle over the Vltava River, and royal parks that stretch all the way from Sparta Arena to the castle.


American Embassy in Prague

USA United States of AmericaThe Embassy of the United States to the Czech Republic is located on Vlašská street, in Malá Strana, Prague. It occupies the large Schönborn Palace and possesses an extensive garden. The premises also include the American Center, a public research facility, library and venue for lectures on American history, politics, science and culture, where past lecturers include Greil Marcus, Patricia Hampl, David Woodard, Gene Deitch and many others.

  • The American Embassy in Prague is located a couple blocks southwest of Lesser Town Square!


Budvar Beers
Czech Republic Regions
Prague Castle at Dusk
Vysehrad Castle Bridge
Strahov Monastery
Troja Palace
Prague Astronomical Clock Hands
Vltava River Bridges
Vltava River
Lesser Quarter Prague
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English Grammar Lessons for Czechs

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